ViiHM Themes

ViiHM themes were identified at the First Workshop where members identified current hot topics for a number of theme areas: these are summarized below.

Vision for Action & Active Vision

Lead: Iain Gilchrist
Current Hot Topics:
Real Time Vision
Bio-inspired architectures for robotics
Other sensing modalities
Vision for Action and Action for Vision loop
Specifying and scheduling the task
Manipulation in Robots

Object Recognition & Learning

Lead:Ales Leonardis
Current Hot Topics:
Deep learning
Perceptual learning / plasticity
Bayesian implementation in neurons
Big data
Differences between fovea and periphery

Appearance and Augmented Vision

Lead: Marina Bloj
Current Hot Topics:
Materials perception
3D printing
Colour in 3D
Appearance as a multi-sensory problem
Influence of higher cognition, emotion and culture
Using computers to augment human vision

Attention, Scene Understanding and Interaction

Lead: Richard Bowden
Current hot topics:
What is important in a scene:
– How to select and extract
– Describes which information to use to make decision about scene
– Top down / Bottom up
– Egocentric capture
– Type of stimulus / Scene, colour


Current hot techniques
Deep learning
Big data
Multi-electrode recording