Statistics in Human and Machine Vision

A ViiHHM Mini-workshop, Statistics in Human and Machine Vision, was held at City University on 22 Jan 2015. Speakers included, from City, Joshua Solomon, Christopher Tyler, Michael Morgan, Kielan Yarrow (all Principal Investigators), and Sepehr Jalali (a Post-Doctoral Research Associate); from Queen Mary, Miles Hansard (PI); from University College London, Li Zhaoping (PI), Peter Jones, Keith May, and Manos Protonotarios (PDRA’s); from Lincoln, Kun Guo (PI); and from Southampton, Wendy Adams (PI). PI’s have made their material available for archiving on the ViiHM website. In addition to the 12 speakers, approximately 35 auditors from City, Queen Mary, and UCL were in attendance.

Link to Zhaoping Li’s talk
Wendy Adams StatisticsofGlossViiHM
Miles Hansard miles-viihm
Kun Gou Kun Guo-LCU-0115
Michael Morgan JASstatsMeeting