Third Workshop

Third workshop

Tuesday 12th July – Wednesday 13th July. Bailbrook House Hotel, Bath, UK.

 The meeting will start at 11:30 am on the 12th and finish at about 4:30 pm on the 13th.

Keynote Speakers
Holly Rushmeier (Yale)
David Bull (Bristol)
Aldo Faisal (Imperial College London)

Industry Speakers
Andrew Fitzgibbon (Microsoft Research)
David Moloney, (Movidius)
Eric Liggins (QinetiQ)
Raphael Grech  (Manufacturing Technology Centre)

Head to Head talks:
Faces Peter Hancock and Yi-Zie Song
Colour Sophie Wuerger and Rafal Mantiuk
Objects Charles Leek and Ales Leonardis
3D Vision Jenny Read and Miles Hansard


ViiHM Workshop
12th and 13th July
Bailbrook House Hotel

12th July

10:30 Registration (+ coffee)
11:30 Introduction (AJS)
11:45 Networking (MY)

Session 1: Chair Vitaliy Kurlin
12:30 Industry Talk: Andrew Fitzgibbon (Microsoft Research)

1:00  Lunch

Session 2: Chair Andrew Schofield
2:00 Head to head: Faces: Peter Hancock and Yi-Zhe Song
2:30 Group discussions

3:15 Refreshments

Session 3: Chair Tom Foulsham
3:45 Industry talk Eric Liggins (Qinetiq)
4:15 Feedback on group discussions
4:45 Keynote talk: Aldo Faisal

5:45 break / private meetings (steering group to meet)
8pm dinner

13th July
Session 4: Chair Marina Bloj
9:00 Holly Rushmeier
10:00 Group Discussion
10:45 Head to head Objects: Charles Leek and Ales Leonardis

11:15 Refreshments

Session 5: Chair Ben Vincent
11:45 Head to head: 3D vision: Jenny Read and Miles Hansard
12:15  Industry Talk: Raphael Grech  (Manufacturing Technology Centre)

12:45 – 1:45 Lunch

Session 6: Chair Wendy Adams
1:45 Industry talk: David Moloney (Movidius)
2:15  Head to heads Colour: Colour Sophie Wuerger and Rafal Mantiuk

2:45 Refreshments / Discussions / Networking

3:15 Keynote talk: David Bull

4:15 Closing remarks (AJS)
Networking discussion sessions:
As in previous years there will be opportunities to network and discuss specific issues.

Organising Committee
Meeting Chair: Andrew Schofield
Local organiser: Matthew Young
Administrator: John Pollard

Abstract Review panel (some selection of):
Andrew Schofield
Darren Cosker
Ales Leonardis
Iain Gilchrist
Marina Bloj
Lourdes Agapito
Roland Fleming
Graham Finlayson
Charles Leek
Alan Johnston
Andrew Fitzgibbon
Andrew Welchman
Andrew Calway
Simon Rushton
Massimiliano Di Luca
Mike Chantler
Jeremy Wyatt
Isabelle Mareschal
Jenny Read
Nicola Bellotto
Farzin Deravi