Mini-workshops and Exchanges

Mini-workshop and exchange programme

Our Academic Exchange programme is now closed. Below is a list of funded projects.


– Binocular Vision, Challenges and Techniques: Ross Goutcher
– Vision for movement, a comparative approach: Paul Graham
– Statistics in Human and Machine Vision: Joshua Solomom
– Advancements in Face Research: A Conversation Between Humans and Machines:Yukun Lai
– Higher level scene understanding and application in robotic vision: Deepayan Bhowmik
– Young Vision Research Colloquium: Dave Bull
– The Social Impact of Facial Appearance: Moi Hoon Yap
– Low power and adaptive computer vision for scene understanding: Deepayan Bhowmik

Grant writing workshops

– Dynamic Faces: Representations for Animation and Perception & Bio-inspired models of gaze, action and reward for robotics: Alan Johnston, Darren Cosker & Iain Gilchrist
– Visual, thermal, near-­infrared, chemical and perceptual analysis of human skin for application in health, cosmetics and rendering: Marina Bloj
– The role of chromatic signals in spatial vision: Jasna Martinovic
– Illumination in Natural Scenes: Andrew Schofield
– Exploring Gaze Dynamics for Human-Machine Interactions: Farzin Deravi
– Retina Models: Sonya Coleman
– How gaze behaviour contributes to individual differences in cognitive task performance – scanpath analysis: Jinghao Xue & Kun Guo
– Biological Vision Inspired Dynamic 3D Acquisition and Reconstruction using Statistical Machine Learning: Yukun Lai

Exchange visits

– Perceived gloss of HDR stimuli (Wendy Adams, Psychology @ Southampton -> Rafal Mantiuk, Computer Science @ Bangor)
– Exploration of optimal gaze pattern in eye tracking studies using deep learning approach and its application to automatic image retrieval and object detection (Ruixuan Wang, Engineering & Physical Sciences @ Heriot-Watt -> Kun Guo, Psychology @ Lincoln)
– Active Vision with Human-in-the-Loop for the Visually Impaired ( Mr Jacobus Lock PhD student,  School of Computer Science, University of Lincoln -> Professor Iain Gilchrest University, School of Experimental Psychology)