Exploring Gaze Dynamics for Human-Machine Interactions

February – April 2015. Exploring Gaze Dynamics for Human-Machine Interactions.

A series of three mini-workshops were organized involving academics and students from University of Kent and University of Essex. The aim of the workshops was to explore the dynamics of human gaze in response to various stimuli in order to extract important information that might be used in advanced human-computer interaction systems with applications in security and healthcare. The ideas explored were motivated by the work of investigators from Essex and Kent in studying human eye movement and a range of applications including liveness detection in biometric person recognition. The workshops resulted in the identification of a number of areas where we may be able to extend our work in both theoretical and experimental directions and study more subtle dynamic features of gaze and their potential to provide valuable information for enhancing human computer interactions.

The initial workshop (in Kent) allowed us to get a better understanding of the relevant research going on in the two labs, and identify areas of mutual interest.

The second workshop (in Essex) was focused on identifying tangible research objectives and future grant applications. This included demonstrations of some cutting-edge tools for eye movement recording and 3D graphics, as well as a presentation on funding routes.

The third workshop (back in Kent) was focused on starting the grant writing process by establishing key research questions and methodology for the research.

Outcomes and further objectives

-We have begun our EPSRC grant application, with investigators from Kent and Essex. The application focuses on investigating the gaze features which can be tracked from a range of sensors, using machine learning to extract the most important features, and applying these to liveness detection, security and alertness detection.

-We are sharing the writing and resources via a Dropbox folder.

-We have begun to identify stakeholders and possible collaborators in industry.

-We are aiming to submit a proposal before the end of the year.

Workshop attendees

from Kent, Dr Farzin Deravi, Dr Jim Ang, Dr Sanaul Hoque; from Essex: Dr Tom Foulsham
Other attendees: from Kent: Asad Ali, Nawal Alsufyani, Hamed Alsufyani; from Essex: Riccardo Russo, Rick O’Gorman, Kathryn Buchanan (Psychology), Adrian Clarke (Computer Science), Beate Reinhardt (Research Administration).


Dr Farzin Deravi. University of Kent.