Binocular Vision: Challenges and Techniques

Binocular Vision: Challenges and Techniques.

A 2-day mini-workshop was held at the University of Essex, on March 31st – April 1st, 2015. The workshop brought together researchers in binocular vision from biological, machine vision and clinical backgrounds, with the aim of highlighting fundamental research questions within, and across disciplinary boundaries.


Attendees heard talks from Jenny Read (Newcastle) on binocular vision in the preying mantis; Toby Breckon (Durham) on state-of-the-art computer vision approaches to disparity estimation; Paul Hibbard (Essex) on the physiology of binocular vision; Zhaoping Li (UCL) on efficient coding in stereopsis; Peter Scarfe (Reading) on the use of Virtual Reality technology for vision research; and Miles Hansard (Queen Mary) on multi-view stereo.

In addition to talks, attendees also took part in a number of discussion sessions. These included sessions on the utility of binocular vision (led by Julie Harris), as well as sessions mapping common themes and research interests across the biological/machine vision divide, and potential for future collaborative research/publication.


Attendees produced outlines for review papers/chapters, to be used as the basis for an edited book, or journal special issue, highlighting commonalities and current research challenges in both biological and machine binocular vision, and areas where research in each field may inform the other.

Issues highlighted included the general question of what binocular vision is for; understanding how binocular information is encoded and used in the brain, and by computers; how the fields of biological vision and machine vision can learn from recent advances in both fields, and how technological advances in virtual reality and the availability of computational tools can be adopted in future research.

Workshop Attendees

Dr Ross Goutcher (Stirling, Organiser); Dr Paul Hibbard (Essex, Organiser); Rebecca Hornsey (Essex); Prof Julie Harris (St Andrews); Dr Jenny Read (Newcastle); Dr Peter Scarfe (Reading); Prof Zhaoping Li (UCL); Dr Toby Breckon (Durham); Dr Miles Hansard (Queen Mary); Dr Andrew Glennerster (Reading); Dr Marianne Piano (GCU); Dr David Hunter (St Andrews); Dr Ivan Alvarez (Oxford); Dr Richard Clement (Exeter); Laurence Tidbury (Liverpool); Zoltan Derzsi (Newcastle); Prof Brendan Barrett (Bradford); Mark Adams (Reading); Dr Keith May (UCL).

Dr Rosss Goutcher (Stirling)