Advancements in Face Research

Advancements in Face Research: A Conversation Between Humans and Machines

Venue: Manchester Metropolitan University Business School

Thursday 23rd June 2016

The Aims

The aim of this workshop is to draw the attention of researchers on the technical advancement of face research inspired by human perception. It is aimed broadly at researchers from face analysis, expression analysis and face modeling. The workshop will have a strong emphasis on guided, informal discussion and collaboration amongst researchers and will contain a number of mini-workshops about more specific areas. Complementing these mini-workshops will be a set of related invited talks.

The Objectives:

  • The social impact of face appearance on behavioural issues
  • Human vision on face analysis and recognition
  • Technological challenges on face analysis

The Outputs:

This workshop established new networks and collaboration between social scientists and computer scientists. The participants were from academia and industry, which helped to enable research and knowledge exchange and encourage multidisciplinary research. Five keynotes speakers (Cliff Lansley – Emotional Intelligence Academy Ltd, Prof. Peter Hancock – Stirling University, Dr. Stefanos Zafeiriou – Imperial College London, Dr. William Smith – University of York, and Dr. Tomos Williams – Image Metrics Ltd) delivered the talks. Through their keynote speech, the audiences benefited from different aspects of face analysis – both from human and machine perspective. Through the mini-workgroups, a major goal is to actively work on current problem areas in face analysis, identify future directions and get input from all participants.  Participants discussed the topics in three small groups (each led by one of the organisers), and will present their results to the plenum in the afternoon.

Dr Moi Hoon Yap